Update van Snap Webhost INterface bevat nieuwe features die het gebruiksgemak verhogen

What's new in Snap WebHost for Snap 11

Change of layout

The summary screen has been changed so you can now see information about responses to the survey, live interviews and downloadable data more clearly

The survey list screen has changed so that you can search for surveys and sort the survey list by name, title or last used date. Surveys are marked to show their state.
 Red square: stopped survey
 Green circle: running survey
 Orange diamond: paused survey.

You can also sort surveys into folders.

Control over starting surveys and emailing invitations

You can now start the survey independently of sending email invitations. This means that you can send the live survey out for review and comment. You can then start the mailer separately.

Better interviewing

Unlimited quotas. You can now set up a screen-out question that permits all respondents in a specified category to continue, and terminate all respondents in another category.

Adaptive questionnaires, presenting different versions of a questionnaire to devices with different screen sizes

Grouped questionnaires (allowing respondents to complete the same survey several times ).

You can now set up a database link in Snap Professional, marked up as a grouped questionnaire. Snap WebHost will read the database of participants and set up an index page for each one containing links to the different instances of the survey they need to complete (e.g. a 360 survey). Snap WebHost can also include a link to the index page in invitation emails to participants.

updatesurvey.asp has been updated allowing you to set up grouped surveys via a command-line.

You can see the number of cases that have been uploaded as well as the number of responses completed online (displayed on the Summary tab)

You can see the number of interviews currently taking place (displayed on the Summary tab)

Sliders now slide on a touch-screen.

You can email responses from Snap Mobile Anywhere surveys to a specified address.

Reports and analyses

You can view online reports in pdf format.

You can choose to keep a built report (for example, for a specific date) or update it when new responses arrive.

You can filter data or apply a context when the analyses are viewed. If an external filter or context has been set up in Snap you can apply filters and contexts using selection boxes and drop-down lists.


You can set up an associate account so clients and other interested people can see the surveys and survey analyses. You can set a filter and context value in which they will view all analyses/reports. You can enable them to apply filters that you supply in Snap. You can set up masks so the available codes are appropriate to a specific associate. You can also enable them to select contexts that you have made available in Snap. The available context codes can be masked.

You can set up multiple associates and assign surveys to them by uploading a CSV file

You can download response data in CSV format

Associates can download response data. If you have applied a filter to their account, the downloaded data will be filtered.

Mobile surveys

There is an updated version of Snap Mobile Anywhere which allows you to download surveys in an Associate account.

Responses uploaded from Snap Mobile Anywhere using an Associate account can be viewed immediately in analyses and reports

Email editor

There is a new email editor. Online editing of emails can be done in Firefox and Chrome as well as Internet Explorer.

You can insert any images in your email which are in the uploaded survey zip file. This includes images added to the zip file after publishing.

You can easily create a clickable text (or image) link to your survey.

If you make changes to emails in Snap WebHost these will be retained if you reload the survey. If you wish to reload the original emails from Snap after making changes, you will need to delete all the emails in Snap WebHost.

Improvements to security

You can now set password requirements on Snap WebHost.

Changes to administration

There is a new user admin type account, allowing people to create, edit, delete and login as users.

Snap 10 surveys upgraded to Snap 11

Snap WebHost will upload Snap 10 surveys as well as Snap 11 ones. The online surveys will be automatically updated to Snap 11, but response data can still be imported into the original Snap 10 survey. Reports will be available for Snap 10 surveys.

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